Kill Team Moroch




The grim lens of the 41st Millennium pans away from Vigilus to elsewhere in the Nachmund Gauntlet – Moroch. This frontier world is hastily preparing a desperate defence in the face of onrushing Chaos forces, who want to eject the hated Imperials and claim the only safe passage through the Great Rift.

But the taint of Chaos has already come to Moroch, and even now warbands of Militarum Traitoris* are throwing off their disguises and striking from within. Only a deadly Phobos Strike Team of Space Marines can prevent the world falling to anarchy, and taking the entire sector with it.

This boxed set contains 22 miniatures making up two full kill teams – that’s 12 Blooded members of the traitor guard and 10 Phobos Space Marines. Ten of the Blooded are completely new, and they’re incredibly customisable. You can build them as a range of deadly specialists for your games of Kill Team or as basic Traitor Troopers. On top of that, you’ll find a single-pose Traitor Enforcer and Traitor Ogryn.

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