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Brave New World Gn

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Available in graphic novel form for the first time, "one of the most prophetic
dystopian works of the twentieth century" (Wall Street Journal) Aldous
Huxley's classic novel of authoritarianism Brave New World, adapted and
illustrated by Fred Fordham, the artist behind the graphic novel edition of
Originally published in 1932, Brave New World is one of the most revered and profound
works of twentieth century literature. Touching on themes of control, humanity,
technology, and influence, Aldous Huxley's enduring classic is a reflection and a
warning of the age in which it was written, yet remains frighteningly relevant today.
With its surreal imagery and otherworldly backdrop, Brave New World adapts
beautifully to the graphic novel form. Fred Fordham's singular artistic flair and
attention to detail and color captures this thought-provoking novel as never before,
and introduces it to a new generation, and countless modern readers, in a fresh and
compelling way