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Dont Avert Your Eyes A Theres Nothing There Story #1 (Mr)



From Maria Llovet (Faithless, Luna, LOUD) and Patrick Kindlon (Frontiersman, Antioch, Nobody Is In Control): Celebrity-socialite Reno Selleti doesn’t believe in very much beyond Instagram comments, hipster drugs, and the flash of paparazzi cameras, so when a friend invites her to an EYES WIDE SHUT-type party she goes along mostly for the lulz. But the joke doesn’t feel as funny when she realizes it’s an actual occult ritual, and suddenly she’s seeing things… horrifying apparitions trying to warn her. “RUN.” That story concept launched Reno into 2017’s beloved erotic-horror series THERE’S NOTHING THERE, and it also launched Maria Llovet and Patrick Kindlon into the American comics market. Now, five years later, Llovet and Kindlon are returning to the world of THERE’S NOTHING THERE with new collaborators Valentina Pinti (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Simone Sellecchia, Andy Duggan (Star Wars), Jasmin Darnell (Godkiller), Kelsi Jo Silva (Thirsty), and variant cover magic-maker Leirix for DON’T AVERT YOUR EYES, a brand new story set in a strange world of high fashion, low morals, and demonic dementia. 18+ / Adults Only Limited to 1,000