Pull List Information

What is a Pull List?

A Pull list is a subscription list you provide us and agree to pick-up upon the release of each book. We pull the books from our inventory and reserve them for you and you only.

Why should I open a Pull List?

Comic books often get hot and can sell out. A Pull list is a way to always guarantee a copy of said comic book each and every week. 

Do Pull Lists cost money?

Pull Lists do not have any upfront costs. You simply pay for the books you add to your pull list when you pick them up.

What are the benefits of a Pull List at State of Comics?

Customers who have an active Pull List of 5 or more books receive 15% off STOREWIDE.** Customers with less than 5 books get 15% off their Pull list comics. On top of getting a discount you also receive a FREE bag and baord with each and every comic on your pull. 


**15% off may not be combined with any other discounts. No sales will ever apply to pull lists. Discount may not be used with price matches. No high ticket back issues or Funko Pop's apply to your 15% pull discount**