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Murder By Mail #2 Cvr B Joshua Werner & Lyx Lyon Var (Mr)



In Murder By Mail, a fully interactive role-playing experience, you are taking on the role of a Private Investigator in Cleaver County and are presented with evidence from an unsolved murder case. Through the interviews you conduct, your examination of the documents and evidence on hand, the favors you call in, and your own wits and attention to detail, you can discover the identity of the killer and put the case to rest. When a serial killer stalking the city of Bridgewater strikes again, the homicide detectives on the case, at their witsÕ end, call you in to consult. What is this killerÕs strange link to lunar cycles and why does there appear to be no motive? When you discover that the police are hiding a link between the victims, a new secret side of Bridgewater unravels before youÉ Can you identify the killer before they strike again?

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