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Mortimer The Lazy Bird Tp



SCOOT. Mortimer is a young bird... who can't fly. His wings just aren't big enough, not yet, but that doesn't stop his well-intentioned parents from making him jump off the tree branch, again and again and again. It's terrifying and painful for Mortimer -- but he keeps trying. Then, one night, he overhears his parents talking, and discovers that they suspect he's a lazy bird! Mortified, Mortimer decides to run away from the nest. He won't return until he has learned how to fly. Mortimer's journey takes him to a place he has never seen or heard of before: The City! There, he discovers strange metal creatures (cards) and strange gangly creatures (humans) -- and meets the most talkative worm who has ever lived -- Lucius! Mortimer also happens to be a vegetarian, so the two strike up an almost immediate friendship. It's not soon before Lucius hatches a plan that will allow Mortimer to visit Wormland -- a plan that involves a human sock and the invention of the largest worm who has ever existed! But danger lurks as a group of military birds are planning an attack during Wormland's most important holiday, Wormy Squirmy Day. Caught in the middle, Mortimer will be forced to choose between siding with the worms and siding with the birds -- or will he?! Special 5.5x8.5 Scoot trade size.

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