DC Comics

Harley Quinn The Animated Series Legion Of Bats #1 (Of 6) Cvr D Inc 1:50 Jess Taylor Card Stock Var (Mr)



Jess Taylor

Tee Franklin

Shae Beagle



When last we checked in with Harley Quinn, she ate, she banged, and she killed--but now it's time for something a little different. Fresh out of the events of Harley Quinn: The Animated Series season 3, Harley has found herself a part of a highly unlikely team--the Bat-Family! Meanwhile, Poison Ivy has found herself prepping for her new job--leader of the Legion of Doom! But while Harley and Ivy adjust to their respective new roles, a ghost from Ivy's past enters the fray and threatens the relationship between everyone's favorite clown/plant couple!

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