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Sainted Love #2 Cvr B Vic Regis Var (Mr)



THE TIME CROSSING QUEER ACTION ROMANCE CONTINUES! Hollywood. The 1950s. The Celluloid Closet forces performers to hide who they are. Or it did, until Hotel Oasis! Lately, Tinseltown’s closeted elite have found a place where it’s safe to live and love freely, a science fiction speakeasy run by none other than Malcolm Irina—stranded time traveler and inventor! As Irina rubs elbows and uglies with Hollywood’s biggest names, his Wolf comes calling. John Wolf has dropped in from 1907 to find his lover under attack—and his hotel with it! Wolf and Irina are the only ones who can defend Hotel Oasis from the Pilgrims, a secret society infecting all of history, erasing queer lives, stories, and loves.

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