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Destiny Ny Halloween Special #1 Cvr B 10 Copy Invc (Mr)

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Pat Shand

Jeffrey Moy, R Moy

Iolanda Zanfardino



Welcome to a world where magic is a real and accepted part of everyday life. Meet Meadow, a teenager attending a prophecy school in New York City to help her deal with her dark future: she has been destined to die. Meanwhile, a lovelorn barista visits a fortune teller and receives his own dark prediction.  The fan-favorite slice-of-life fantasy series Destiny, NY returns with two brand-new feature-length stories in time for the spooky season.  "This book is a cross between The Sopranos and Harry Potter. It's everything we never knew we wanted and now can't do without. Slamming art, masterfully written." - Pulp 716: Coffee & Comics