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X-Factor By Peter David Omnibus Hc Vol 03 Dm Var



As the world's only mutant detective agency, X-Factor Investigations welcomes all cases - the stranger, the better! And their latest gigs involve gods, vampires, the disappearance of the Invisible Woman and the ever-volatile state of mutant politics - lurching from a literal Utopia to a damaging Schism! But in the wake of a heartbreaking loss, the team has splintered - and Jamie Madrox begins a quest for the answers he needs to feel whole again. What does his future have in store? Meanwhile, Siryn faces the fight of her life, and a traumatized Wolfsbane returns with a baby on the way - only to learn that her ex-boyfriend, Rictor, has a new love! And will a member of X-Factor fall? It's an X-book like no other! Collecting X-FACTOR (2005) #40-50, #200-232 and #224.1; and NATION X: X-FACTOR.
Rated T+
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