The Prism #1 Cvr E Blank (Mr) -


The Prism #1 Cvr E Blank (Mr)



The Blank Cover Edition - available as a variant for THE PRISM #1 - features the same great story and art, but with a blank cover for you to get your favorite artist to draw their own cover!
Noise pollution is crushing life on earth. The largest mega-corporation on the planet finances a crazy project called The P.R.I.S.M. (Purifying Recording Interplanetary Space Mission) to combat the phenomenon: sending a musical supergroup into space to record an album that will produce sounds able to push back the threat known as S.O.T.W. (Smoke on the Water) and save the planet. Where rock'n'roll excess and the survival of all life on Earth collide, there is...THE PRISM!  
Creator Matteo De Longis (Avengers: The Initiative, Sky Doll Space Ship) takes a far-out premise and builds a visually stunning and convincing new world that will have you mesmerized, telling the story about man's greatest feat in space so far. THE PRISM is destined to become your favorite new series featuring your favorite new band!
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