Cosbaby Joker 1989


Hot Toys

“It's not exactly a normal world, is it?" –Batman.

When the Bat-Signal flashes across the night sky, Batman springs into action and descends from the rooftops to defend the citizens of Gotham City from the criminal underworld that threatens them. Based on the classic Batman released in 1989, Sideshow and Hot Toys present The Joker Cosbaby(s)! Each Cosbaby stands approximately 12cm tall with a rotatable head and themed figure base.

The clown prince of crime back in town! Thinking of his next evil plan that taunts Batman and the citizens. Wearing the remarkable white face paint and purple suit, The Joker with a devilish smile holds a cane and a bang gun is ready to greet you at door holding a paint brush.

Add this to your Joker collection today!

Product Specifications

DC Comics
Product Type:
Collectible Figure
Manufactured by:
Hot Toys
Product Size:
4.72" H (119.89mm)

* Product size and weight are approximate values. Est. Ship Weight is an estimated value for U.S. shipping calculated by item, box and shipping materials. International (non-EU) shipping costs are based on dimensional weight, click here for more information.

Box Size:
Height: 5.00" (127 mm)
Width: 5.00" (127 mm)
Length: 7.00" (177.8 mm)
Dimensional Weight:
Domestic: 1.00 lbs / (0.45 kg)
International: 2.00 lbs / (0.91 kg)