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Legends Chapter 4. It's the debut of the first ever mini-series spin-off from another mini-series! Cosmic Boy heads from his berth in the Legion of Super-Heroes (and his guest-staring appearances in the most talked about mini-series of the year, Legends) to a four-issue mini-series of his own that takes the 30th century hero on a perilous voyage through time, space and self! The story begins in the pages of Legends as Cosmic Boy, on an historical sabbatical from the 30th century, becomes embroiled in the world-shattering events of Legends. It continues here, in Cosmic Boy #1, the start of an epic four-part tale, crafted by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Ernie Colon and Bob Smith. A beaten and wounded Cosmic Boy is forced to face his sense of self-worth and power as he fights to recover his health even as he tries to overcome despair. But with the help of Night Girl and remembrance of times past, recovery is possible. With it comes the realization that the 20th century history Cosmic Boy has studied in his own era has been tampered with. Is history being changed? Or has everything Cosmic Boy always believed to be true been a deception perpetrated across ten centuries? Cosmic Boy is the story of one man's journey through his soul, and it is created by some of the people who know him best: Legion scripter Paul Levitz; Legion artist emeritus Keith Giffen; penciller Ernie Colon (the last two gentlemen were also one half of the team responsible for the Legionnaires 3 mini-series); and inker Bob Smith. And let's not forget a cover by one-time legion penciller Steve Lightle. Cover price $0.75.
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