Dungeons & Dragons Live Play


Dungeons and Dragon's 5th edition is the most recent edition and with it's popularity on shows like "The Adventure Zone" and "Critical Role", D&D has never been more accessible for new and veteran players alike. The only limit on the fun is your own creativity, come explore the fantasy meets technology 'ancient future' homebrew world of Eagonia as you complete quests, level up, and help tell the collaborative story with an ever growing group of players.  All you need to start are a set of dice, the player's handbook, and your imagination! (dice and handbooks are available in store, imagination sold separately) 

NOTE: if you want to play as a custom made character you will first need to join the discord and complete the steps there. It's free to join the discord and take a look around, talk to some of the other players, and even get caught up on the story so far. Custom characters can choose from any published source when making a character and DM's will be available to assist players at any experience level. Non discord members will have a variety of options to choose from a selection of pre-made characters, so all players are welcome to purchase a seat.

Direct Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mVwkDZNe3C
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