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Star Wars High Republic Sc Novel Convergence (C: 1-1-1)



It is an age of exploration. Jedi travel the galaxy. Meanwhile, the Republic works to unite worlds in an ever-growing community. On the planets of Eiram and E'ronoh, the growing pains of a galaxy with limited resources but unlimited ambition are felt keenly. Their hatred for each other has fueled an escalating conflict and now threatens to consume surrounding systems when an assassination attempt Eiram and E'ronoh back into all-out war. To save both worlds, Jedi Knight Gella Nattai volunteers to uncover the culprit, while Chancellor Kyong appoints her son, Axel Greylark, to represent the Republic's interests in the investigation. But Axel's deep distrust of the Jedi sparks against Gella's faith in the Force. With accusations flying and potential enemies in every shadow, the pair will have to work together to have any hope of bringing the truth to light and saving both worlds.

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