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Jack Kirby Collector #86




What you saw isn't all you got with Jack Kirby, as our Visual Comparisons issue will reveal! Take a curated trip through the most amazing art assemblage ever, as we offer side-by-side analyses of unused vs. known covers and art, uncorrected images against the published versions, and more! There's Barry Windsor-Smith on his stylized interpretation of Kirby's pencils in Captain America's Bicentennial Battles, newly discovered filler panels from Sky Masters, Kirby's incorporation of real-life images in his work, how Jack deviated from cover layouts he was given, and more! Featuring our regular columnists, and Will Murray's conversations with Joe Simon, Stan Lee, Carmine Infantino, Jerry Robinson, Gil Kane, and other pros conducted just after Jack's passing. Plus an interview with this issue's cover inker Walter Simonson (and if you think you recognize that image, take a closer look!).
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