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Tomb Of Dracula Complete Collection Tp Vol 06



Back from the grave! When a group of tourists finds Dracula's skeleton in Transylvania, one among them does the unthinkable - removing the blade that killed him and bringing the Lord of the Vampires to unlife once more! But what is Florence Ebers' game, and what is the secret of her mystical gem? As Dracula's trail of blood begins anew, he is confounded by the Dimensional Man and manipulated by a mysterious child - and faces a painful reunion with his dark daughter Lilith, who is determined to slay him once again! Plus: tales from Vlad Tepes's centuries-long past are revealed. And when Doctor Strange faces Dracula over the tome of terror known as the Darkhold, will it mean final defeat for the world's vampires? Collecting TOMB OF DRACULA MAGAZINE #1-6, DOCTOR STRANGE (1974) #58-62 and material from BIZARRE ADVENTURES #33.

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