POP Movies Office Space Joanna Funko POP



POP Movies Office Space Joanna Funko POP as a stylized vinyl from Funko! 

Peter Gibbons is a frustrated and unmotivated programmer who works at a company called Initech. His co-workers include fellow programmers Samir Nagheenanajar (who is annoyed that nobody can pronounce his last name correctly) and Michael Bolton (who hates having the same name as the famous singer, whom he despises), Tom Smykowski, a sales engineer who constantly worries about losing his job, and Milton Waddams, a meek collator who is mostly ignored by the rest of the office. The staff constantly suffer under callous management, especially Initech's smarmy vice president Bill Lumbergh, whom Peter loathes. They are further agitated by the arrival of consultants Bob Slydell and Bob Porter (colloquially known as the Bobs), who are brought in to help the company downsize.