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Ninja Funk #1 (Of 4) Cvr G 25 Copy Unlock Kirkham (Mr)

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JPG, Steve Schuitt

Alex Riegel

Tyler Kirkham



Tyler Kirkham, the best-selling artist and comic book author who has worked on iconic titles like Green Lantern, Transformers, X-Men, and Teen Titans, pays tribute to an iconic Todd McFarlane cover in this homage to Spider-Man.

Frequency-Bending Warrior DJs. Cyborg Housecats. The Broken Rhythm of the Universe. This is a comic like you've never seen before!

A fun, high stakes adventure weaved together with face-melting beats, Ninja Funk follows a ragtag band of misfits as they attempt to save a universe that's off-key.

NOTE: For every 25 copies of Ninja Funk #1 purchased, retailers unlock orderability for this Tyler Kirkham variant cover.