Web Of Spider-man Annual #6



Web Of Spider-Man Annual #6 (1985 1st series)
"Up From Slavery" Part 3 of the Spidey's Totally Tiny Adventure storyline. Story by Gerry Conway and Stan Lee. Art by Gil Kane, Sal Buscema, Alan Kupperberg, and Mike Esposito. Cover by Steve Lightle. In Spectacular Spiderman Annual 10, the web-slinger continued to shrink all the way down to the Microverse and became a captive of Psycho-Man. Now can the Amazing Spider-Man lead a prisoner's revolt on Psycho-Man's worldship and gain his freedom? It's a great one-on-one battle between Spider-Man and Psycho-Man! First back up story: "Salesday for a Shootout" Story by Gerry Conway. Art by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. Mary Jane and Aunt May are shopping at the mall when terrorists attack! It's a very unlikely pairing as Aunt May teams up with the Punisher to save the day. Second back up story: "Eleven Angry Men And One Angry Woman" Story by Peter David. Art by June Brigman and Stan Drake. Mary Jane is the last holdout on a 12-person jury deliberating over a jewelry store heist. Third back up story: "Child Star" Story by Tony Isabella. Art by Steve Ditko. A small child receives the Uni-Power of Captain Universe.