X-Men Cyclops Classic Costume Beast Kingdom Exclusive Action Figure


  • Celebrate Marvel Comics' 80th anniversary with Cyclops!
  • Classic blue battle suit inspired by the X-Men comics of yore.
  • Check out the ruby-quartz visor over his eyes to control his optic blast.
The X-Men comics are a fond memory shared by many collectors, and to celebrate Marvel Comics' 80th anniversary, Beast Kingdom brings the renowned Cyclops classic suit to the Egg Attack Action Series. With enhanced modeling techniques and a classic look, every detail, from the expressions of the head sculptures to the stature and muscles, is recreated with utmost care. The X-Men Cyclops Classic Costume Version EAA-085DX Action Figure wears the blue battle suit and the iconic ruby-quartz visor worn over his eyes with a light-up function to control his optic blast, a weapon powerful enough to destroy asteroids. 
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