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Artists Elite Presents #2 Cvr D Ryan Kincaid Var

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Ben Templesmith, James T. Mitchel, Ryan Kincaid

Ben Templesmith, Freddie Williams II, Ryan Kincaid

Ryan Kincaid



Artists Elite Presents #2 features the premiere of 3 new stories! Ben Templesmith's (30 Days of Night) Darkskulls where five weary and jaded immortals tied to the life-force of the planet might bother to come together to save it one last time. Freddie Williams II's (Batman/TMNT) Belong tells how a lonely, quiet, creative kid finds the family he's always wanted by eagerly paying everything for it. Ryan Kincaid's (Cover Artist) Seraph and the Seven questions if sending one of the original angels will be enough to save humanity from the Seven Deadly Sins!

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