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Artists Elite Presents #3 Cvr B Brett Booth Var

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Brett Booth, Jared Gifford, Jordan Gunderson

Brett Booth, Chad Hardin, Jordan Gunderson

Brett Booth



Artists Elite Presents #3 features the premiere of 2 new stories plus Part 2 of Brett Booth's (Teen Titans) Lost Serpent Prince where Basilisk awakens and must prove he’s battle ready before he can cross paths with the assassin Morrighan! Chad Hardin's (Harley Quinn) Death Watch is the tale of a hunter who destroys vampires, werewolves, and demons to keep the people of 19th century Europe safe from a cult determined to bring suffering and eternal darkness to the world. Jordan Gunderson's (Aspen Comics) Apotheosis reveals a complex mystery that stretches back to the dawn of civilization through a young woman's search for answers about her family's past.

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