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Artists Elite Presents #4 Cvr B Brian Ching & Ifansyah Noor Var

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Tyler Kirkham, Alé Garza, Ryan Kincaid

Tyler Kirkham, Alé Garza, Ryan Kincaid

Brian Ching, Ifansyah Noor



Artists Elite Presents #4 features the continuation of 3 stories! In Tyler Kirkham's (Superman) Final Boss, a mysterious onlooker recruits Tommy Brazen with a special offer that could help him on his quest to find out the truth about his past. Alé Garza's (Teen Titans) SandWenches pits the heroes against the hulking ManCat! Who will come out on top as the infiltration of Rodden Ridge pushes on? Ryan Kincaid's (Persuasion) Seraph and the Seven continues as Seraph, with the aid of Thomas, hunts the Sins who have come together to destroy the human race!

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