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Artists Elite Presents #6 Cvr D Ryan Kincaid & Ceci De La Cruz Var

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Alé Garza, Jared Gifford, Ryan Kincaid

Alé Garza, Chad Hardin, Ryan Kincaid

Ryan Kincaid & Ceci De La Cruz



Artists Elite Presents #6 continues 3 stories! Everything's pho'qd in Part 3 of Alé Garza's (Teen Titans) SandWenches as they find themselves in a pit of EwwwDon with their only hope for survival being their Buxom Buddies?! Then in Part 2 of Chad Hardin's Death Watch, Ryner arrives to investigate a small village being plagued by the undead. Plus Part 3 of Ryan Kincaid's (Persuasion) Seraph and the Seven, where the dire fate of humanity continues as the fight with Gluttony is taken to the streets of New York where Seraph meets another sin, Lust.

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