Marvel #1 (of 6)



MARVEL #1 (OF 6)
(W) Ross, Alex (A) More, (C) Ross, Alex
StockID: 139543 Diamond#: JAN200867

Thirty years ago- Alex Ross had a vision of a new series showing the Marvel heroes in a way they'd never been seen before. The first realization of that idea became the blockbuster MARVELS - but today Alex finally brings about his original vision: An anthology of stories by unique- exceptional talents- many of whom are doing Marvel characters for the very first time. Over this showcase series you'll see work by such artists as Adam Hughes- Bill Sienkiewicz- Dan Brereton and more- linked together by an overarching story by Alex and Steve Darnall. This inaugural issue kicks it all off with superstar artists Frank Espinosa (Rocketo- Looney Tunes) telling an unusual Spider-Man story and Steve Rude (Nexus)- teaming up with Kurt Busiek (Marvels- Avengers) for an Avengers story- framed by Alex and Steve Darnall (Uncle Sam- Marvels) presenting a tale of the dread dreamland Nightmare- and his threat to the entire Marvel Universe…and possibly beyond. A once-in-a-lifetime assemblage of talent - you won't want to miss a single page! Rated T

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