Cullen Bunns Body Bag #1 (Mr) -


Cullen Bunns Body Bag #1 (Mr)



From the Eisner-nominated pages of Harrow County to the pre-pandemic prescience of The Empty Man, Cullen Bunn has made a prolific career of terrorizing comic fans. Now the man who killed the Marvel Universe and countless other characters is ready to show you where the bodies are buried...

Cullen Bunn's Body Bag, the debut release of Overlook, will introduce the world to four new creatures straight from the twisted imagination of the horror scribe. But which creature will invade your nightmares?

Four different tales of terror. Four startling new monsters. Four different approaches to the beasts that go bump in the night. Each sealed "Body Bag" contains the chance to uncover alternate storylines and monsters. So tread lightly. Hold your breath. There's no way of telling which monster you'll uncover... until you
unzip the body bag.

With each monster you'll see a very different story play out in a gruesome and frightening way... This is pure, horrific fun on the page!
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