Gotg Modern Era Epic Coll Tp Somebodys Got To Do It



The galaxy needs guardians! As the Marvel Universe is rocked by another Annihilation event, Peter Quill suits up as Star-Lord - and joins the fight alongside a motley crew including Mantis, Groot and Rocket Raccoon. And with the boundaries of our reality weakened by cosmic conflicts, and dark gods and monsters seeping through the cracks, heavy hitters like Gamora, Drax and Adam Warlock join this offbeat squad of butt-kickers?to become the modern-day Guardians of the Galaxy! They're a dysfunctional team with a big future ahead of them - unless the Universal Church of Truth has its way! But why are the 31st-century Guardians, Major Victory and Starhawk, here too? A fresh war looms in the exciting and action-packed story that revitalized the Guardians for a blockbuster new era! Collecting ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST - STARLORD #1-4 and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2008) #1-12.
Rated T+
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