Justice League Galaxy of Terrors TP



LOST IN SPACE! Join the Justice League among the stars as they encounter otherworldly mysteries and villains!

First, in “The Rule,” Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash answer a distress call from the far reaches of space. There, they encounter the war-torn aliens known as the Trotha—but will they be greeted as saviors or conquerors (or both), and can the Justice League unite the planet before it is torn asunder by an ancient evil? Then, in “The Garden of Mercy,” the Justice League discovers the homeworld  of the Black Mercy, a plant that offers a perfect life to its host—at a horrifying cost. Under its thrall, Batman finally finds peace, but his teammates must free him from paradise if they are all to survive! Written by Simon Spurrier (John Constantine: Hellblazer) and Jeff Loveness (Cartoon Network's Rick and Morty), with art by Aaron Lopresti (Wonder Woman) and Robson Rocha (Aquaman), these stories prove that the world’s greatest heroes are not limited to just one world! This volume collects Justice League #48-52.

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