Quested #1 Cvr L 10 Copy Incv Mahfood BW Launch Var

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Michael Calero, Thomas Parson

Kit Wallis

Jim Mahfood



Cover by popular Marvel and DC artist Ramon Villalobos with art by Kit Wallis, the artist behind the hit series Good Boy.

Quested fuses the attitude of Hellboy and the fantasy-adventure spirit of Legend of Zelda as it follows the questing misadventures of pawn shop owner and morally ambiguous hero-for-hire, Jinx, through a world filled with lizard henchmen, dungeon-bosses, and unicorn burgers!

"Episode 1: Faux Highness"
When a plan to take advantage of a desperate king trying to protect his daughter goes wrong, Jinx and his two accomplices (I mean guild members!) find themselves actually having to save the princess.
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