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Talli Daughter of the Moon TP Vol 01



Hidden within the walls of a secluded castle, Lord Borin raises his adopted daughter Talli in secret, and for good reason: Talli is a descendant of the Summoners, magical women hunted by those who fear their mysterious powers. Violently torn from her home, Talli sets out on a journey in search of her origins and to learn the secrets of her great and dangerous power. With the cruel Lord Ulric’s forces hot on her heels, Talli must keep one step ahead, gathering a motley crew of companions and protectors that includes the noble (some might say too noble) knight Sir Alan and the lethargic-but-ferocious swordsman Lélo. The ruthless Captain Nina pursues them doggedly because she is aware of the secret of Talli's blood: the secret of the Summoners!
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