She Bites #2

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Hedwig Hale

Alberto Hernández R.



Desperate to make enough money to go to Scotland and kill herself after not getting into her dream college, Brenda Zelinski has just agreed to take a babysitting job for Elsie Baker, a 134-year-old vampire in the body of a 9-year-old girl. Sick of being unable to go out and about without being hassled by adults, Elsie pays her "babysitter" to take her to the local mall so she can get some shopping done without being reported lost by security. What begins as a light-hearted night shopping for CDs and Chia Pets, turns into a night neither will ever forget. Will Elsie be able to convince Brenda she shouldn't end her life? Will Brenda's bully have the last laugh? What outfits will they buy in the obligatory friendship shopping montage?

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