Shipping through the eyes of the shipper

Ryan HetkowskiJul 17, '17

We wanted everyone to be able to see how our shipping process works and how we package items with care so we decided to break it down for you! 

First we take a broken down brand new bo, build it and shove some protective packing paper at the bottom of the box.

Next, we bubble wrap the pops together, ALWAYS making sure plastic is facing in.

Once we have protected the pops, we put them in a box and put more protective packing paper on the sides as well as on top of it. 

Next, we tape up the box, slap some Do Not Crush stickers on the side and put the label on it.

Once it's ready to go, we then put it on the pallet for USPS to come and pick it up in the morning to deliver for you to enjoy! 


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