Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Batman?!?

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Batman?!?

Today at San Diego Comic Con, Warner Brothers announced that the Flash movie is now named Flashpoint. This means that we'll be getting a live-action big screen take on the most famous Flash storyline ever. 

In Flashpoint, Barry Allen, the flash, goes back in time to save his mother frmo her brutal murder at the hands of Reverse Flash thus altering the timeline. When Flash wakes up within the changed timeline his mom is alive, his dad no longer in jail and not so fast anymore as he's powerless. With the help of Batman, who is a different survivor of the horrid batman origin named Thomas Wayne, or Bruce Wayne's father, the flash must gain his powers back and return time to it's original timeline. 

What does this mean? If we're going to see the Flashpoint story line, we're sure to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the Walking Dead's Notorious villain Negan) play Batman as he did Thomas Wayne in Batman vs Superman, right? Well, we can only hope that would be the case. Personally, I'd love to see Flashpoint come alive on the big screen as well as love to see how they take this into the next level of DCEU. This could change everything!


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